Kim’s Diligent Study Pays Off

We take great delight in sharing the successes of our children and young adults with our sponsors and supporters. One such young adult is Kim Kheang, who is now 22 years of age.

In his early years at the hope Centre Kim struggled with the fact that he was an orphan. He regularly questioned Hope staff about why he was an orphan and why he had no maternal family. His abandonment meant that he did not trust anyone easily and he kept mainly to himself and a small group of personal friends.

This young man had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and he used to bail up visitors, staff and volunteers to ask question after question and to try out his English on them. His questions spanned geography, political systems, medical conditions and the many different meanings of English words and phrases.

For this reason he studied hard and did well at school.

Kim’s desire to do well academically enabled him to gain entry into Battambang University where he is studying Finance and Banking. He is now completing his third year of a four year course.

On starting university Kim moved out of our Hope residential care facility (center) and into one of our Hope Transitional homes. He is sharing with another Hope student who is studying Law.

For two years running Kim was selected to take part in Standard Chartered Bank’s international student training program in Malaysia.

The great news is that Kim has just been offered a position in one of Cambodia’s leading financial institutions and will take up a full time position with them in the near future.

The university has approved his request to complete his last year of studies by attending classes each Saturday and Sunday. He will work full time Monday to Friday.

The new job is actually in a town called Pailin on the Cambodian/ Thailand border about 80 kilometers from Battambang. This will mean that Kim has to ride his motorcycle back to Battambang every Friday night to attend his university lectures on Saturday and Sunday and then ride back to Pailin ready for work come Monday morning.

Hope have agreed (insisted) that each weekend when Kim comes to Battambang that he stay at the transition house where he has lived for the last three years – a place where he feels at home and relaxed and where he can catch up with his friends.

We are mindful of the added pressure placed on Kim, especially the travel each weekend back to the university. Hope will continue to support him until he completes his studies next year.

Kim is an inspiration to Hope and to others who manage to rise above adversity and set themselves on a positive and rewarding pathway.