Hope for Cambodian Children is an Australian and Cambodian partnership.

Hope for Cambodian Children is a community based organisation that supports impoverished children to help them break down the barriers to realise their dreams for a better life. Hope for Cambodian Children provides a community outreach programs that supports vulnerable children and their families by providing education and healthcare.

In 2005 a small group of private citizens undertook careful research and visits to projects in a number of countries. They found a small project in Battambang in Cambodia where they felt they could make a real difference. It is called Hope for Cambodian Children. HfCC cares for children who have lost their family support systems, mostly commonly through HIV AIDS.

Since 2005, private donations have made it possible to purchase land on a new site, and construct buildings to house around 100 children. HfCC has since developed a number of projects to provide care for the children and support the local wider community.

Our Battambang HQ is operated by our team of dedicated staff and local volunteers. Meet our Director on the ground in Battambag and enjoy this short video about the work that Hope for Cambodian Children does.

Our Philosophy

HfCC aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the development of Cambodia by caring for individuals within the context of their own community.

It is our goal to provide children with food, education, healthcare, support and the opportunity to one day care for themselves.

HfCC strives to create a family environment of support, education and care.