Please see photos of the 2023 HIRO bike ride.

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HOPE held their very important annual event to welcome the HIRO RIDE. This year, HOPE welcomed the riders on October 14, 2023. There were eight riders that came to HOPE Community Centre from Bangkok, Thailand crossing the border at Phailin Province. There were more than 300 people, including the moms, dads and our Community Students, there to welcome the riders on that day. HOPE prepared some performances for the riders. A Cambodian traditional dance was performed by the Early Learning Childcare and Education students and the Community Education students sang a very beautiful version of “WE ARE THE WORLD”. The riders enjoyed the performances and presented the Early Learning Childcare and Education students with school materials. The riders were very happy and enjoyed the event.

A huge thanks to the riders for their very hard efforts to support the HOPE Community Centre even during the difficult times of COVID-19. You are truly our heroes.

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This year’s bike ride is taking place in October at multiple locations around the world.
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