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In the early days of January 2024, four VIP guests visited our community centre to learn more about our education programs. They were welcomed with open arms and given a tour of our facilities. During their visit, they had the opportunity to observe our early learning childcare and education program, as well as our community education program.

Our guests were not only impressed with our programs, but they also had a great time with our staff and students. They were kind, friendly, and made a lasting impression on everyone they met.

As a token of appreciation, we presented them with a gift that reflects the importance of our programs and the reason why we are here. We hope that they will cherish this gift and remember their visit to our community centre for years to come.

The visit of these VIP guests was a great honor for us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our programs. We hope that their visit will inspire others to learn more about our community centre and the work that we do to support our community.

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