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Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation (HOPE) is a Community-Based Care Organisation that works in collaboration with Cambodian Government and Non-Government Agencies to assist poor and underprivileged children and their families to create better living conditions. Through the holistic approach of Health, Social Welfare and Education we work with each family to ultimately find their Pathway to Independence

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VIP Guests

In the late of March 2024, our community-based care organisation had the honor of hosting three special VIP guests for an enriching week-long visit. The guests, who were keen on learning about our operations and community impact, immersed themselves in various activities. They contributed to our educational programs by assisting teachers and engaging with children, […]
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Home visit and follow up, Prevention Mother to Child Transmission

Health is very important everyone. Every month HOPE Nurse, Mr Khen and our Social Worker make a home visit to follow up families under HOPE care. This month the visit was to Somlot District to check on the living conditions and also the baby’s general health and hygiene. On the same day the social worker […]
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Community Education Class

The HfCCF Community Education Program is committed to fostering a joyful learning experience for students by ensuring a safe and inclusive environment. Recognizing that happiness is pivotal to effective learning, the program emphasizes the development of meaningful and engaging lessons tailored to the students’ cultural context. This approach involves the use of locally created reading […]


Community spirit

HIRO'S 4 HOPE 2020

This year’s bike ride is taking place in October at multiple locations around the world.
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