After school Program

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Early Primary School Learning

This class is for children under the age of 12 who have had no previous English tuition. The overall objective of this class is to introduce the children to the English education environment. Much of the learning is activity based to encourage a cohesive and interactive learning. There is a high emphasis on introducing materials in the classroom (a concept foreign to learning in Cambodia).

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Primary School Program

This class if for all children studying at a Primary School level, who have some knowledge of the English language. The objective of this class is to introduce specific topics and areas of study for the children to expand their basic knowledge of the English language.

Attached to each topic is a range of teaching methods, including: activity learning, group work, translation, formal learning and oral performance. There is a spread of ages in the class, ranging from 9 to 16. The teacher is also available to help the children with their studies in the public school system.

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Secondary School

There are two classes in this area, organised in terms of English ability. The classes are for all children studying at a Secondary School level, ages ranging from 14 to 19. The objective of the two classes is the creation of an English environment that facilitates learning. This means using materials such as music, movies and posters. There is an emphasis on encouraging the children to interact and be orally involved in the classroom. There is also an aim to individualize teaching to particular students needs.

Vocational Training + Further Education Program

The decisions for further education for the young people in our centre are made on a case by case basis. For many, University is a realistic option, whilst others choose to undertake skills training at local institutions. The basis of the program is to provide the children with the best chance of receiving employment in the future.

English and computer skills are central to gaining employment in modern Cambodia. However, this program is about finding more specific skills for the children to learn according to their interests and abilities. Eg: mechanic, electrician, design technology, sewing, etc.

Rather than having specific age limits, it is the philosophy of HfCC that we will continue to care for the children in the centre until they have the ability to care for themselves.

Library School Program

The library program is a less formal educational environment, designed to support the other forms of learning provided at the HfCC.

It is open to all children of any age or ability. The children are able to follow their own areas of interest and learn at their own rate. The library is designed as a fun and safe environment for the children to undertake activity based learning in a group environment.

HfCC has the largest library in Battambang, open to the whole community.

Our resources include: puzzles, games, toys, musical instruments, listening books and books in both English and Khmer.

Community English Classes

Computer Learning Program (in development)

This program is currently being developed and only running on a small scale. As such its curriculum is dependant on financing and the number of computers available.

We are always seeking donations of laptop computer

Pre-school Learning Development (in development)

It is the objective of the program to provide extra education to children under 7 living in our centre. The added support of a pre-school program will enable us to care for more children in this age bracket at the orphanage.

The second aspect of the program will be the community initiative. We are hoping to provide education and care to poor children of the community that live with their family and relatives.

This will enable us to monitor the wellbeing of a larger population and ensure our services are reaching those most in need.

The focus of the program will be activity learning. Both English and Khmer language will be part of the curriculum.