Help break the cycle of poverty – Sponsor a Child  and make a difference.

When sponsoring a child through Hope for Cambodian Children you will be matched to a child in need. Your financial support will go towards the cost of food, health care, education and attentive oversight by our team.

How your sponsorship changes a child’s world

When you sponsor a child for $49 a month, you join other sponsors – and your sponsored child’s community – in addressing challenges affecting children in poverty. Depending on child and community needs, sponsorship projects may focus on:

  • Supporting orphan children back into community living through family support and provision of food, education and other necessities of life.
  • Social worker and welfare outreach support.
  • Preschool educational services for local community.
  • After school classes in subjects such as English language and computing.
  • Health care services for mothers and infants.
  • Community housing and shelter projects.
  • Organising sports and competitions (e.g. community soccer teams).