Hope Fosters Artistic Talent

From time to time we get a little over excited when someone under our care excels in a field which they love.

Heang originally came to live at HOPE some years ago when his father passed away.

He is a quiet and introspective person who uses his incredible artistic talents as emotional release and means to express himself. Heang’s ability was noticed early on by many visitors to the HOPE Centre. It soon becoming obvious that he had real talent.

Heang participated in art classes at the HOPE Centre where he was taught by a local artist. These classes form part of our Life Skills Training Program. His teacher was so impressed that he began to give extra tuition to Heang. His passion for drawing grew and with this, his desire to seek out a career in the arts.

He was ultimately awarded a highly competitive scholarship to attend the prestigious International Art School in Battambang. He has now successfully completed 2 years of his 4 year degree in visual arts in which he specialises in animation.

Heang now aged 18, lives in one of our HOPE transition houses. Our Social Welfare team, along with our Education staff, visit him on a regular basis and support him with all of his day-to-day needs. The generous support of Heang’s sponsor covers his utilities, bicycle, and clothing and has enabled us to purchase him a laptop.

We have waited until now to tell his amazing story of exceptional talent, absolute sheer determination and a need to succeed in life. Most of all, a need to believe in himself that he will, and can, achieve his dream.

Heang’s success would not have been possible without the continuing support of his sponsor. Together we are making a real difference in this young man’s life.

Heang’s images depict the journey of children leaving residential care and returning to their local village.