Developing Kids Potential Via Community – Based Care

HOPE is a community-based care organisation. So there are NO children living at our community centre. We work in partnership with our local community leaders and in close consultation with the relevant government child safety and protection departments.

We have over 350 kids (aged between 3 to 18 years) that come to our community centre every day.

64 little toddlers (aged 3 to 6) attend our child care and education program (Preschool). With the others attending our afternoon community education programs.

These afternoon Community Classes consist of English and IT skills.

A special thank you to Standard Chartered Bank and British Telecom in Singapore who continue to support us with laptops and necessary hardware.

Except for our Australian In-Country Director all of the other 27 staff at HOPE are Cambodian Nationals. This is done on purpose because by only employing local people it provides jobs and help grow the community capacities.

We were recently contacted by the Commune Committee for Children and Women (CCCW) to see if we could see our way clear to enrol 4 new toddlers into our preschool.

These toddlers were living in extremely poor conditions and often as not they were being left alone during the day as their parents left home to work on construction sites.


We did our usual family assessment and of course they meet all of our family enrolment conditions.

These gorgeous kids needed more than the opportunity to attend our preschool they needed to learn to trust, to learn classroom rules and to emotionally interact with other kids; rather than to fight to get food or attention. Their first few weeks were not easy for them (or staff) but our dedicated team took the view of taking little steps and to take all the time that was required.

We also supplied these families with bicycles so that they could more safely transport their children to and from our community centre.

Education is one pathway that HOPE fosters. This is because it will have long reaching positive effects on Cambodia today and into the future.

Our Educations programs are made possible by the generous ongoing financial support of one Sydney Family and JTLittle HIRO’s.

Together in partnership, we can make a difference.