Cambodian Children Face Huge Struggles

Cambodian Children Face Huge Struggles
Children from poor families in Cambodia are highly vulnerable, often facing daily threats to their health, education, safety and overall development. Every day in Cambodia, children are exposed to abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect (Child Protection UNICEF Cambodia).
Widespread poverty leaves half the population at risk
• Nearly one in five live below the poverty line of $1.25/day.
• But at least as many more people live on the edge or just above the poverty line.
• This means that about half the population remains extremely vulnerable.
• For example, a small financial loss of just 30 cents a day would cause Cambodia’s poverty rate to double!
Poor nutrition continues to stifle healthy development
• 29% of the population are under weight.
• 40% of the population exhibit stunted growth.
• 40% of children under 5 are both malnourished and stunted.
• 50% of the population don’t have access to adequate sanitation.
Decent education and jobs remain a dream for so many
• Less than half of all kids complete primary school.
• Many does even enrol and school attendance is low.
• This particular impacts poor and rural children.