Baby Health & Medical

The health and medical programs at HfCC are diverse. We have a number of children that are HIV positive and need ongoing medical assessment.


Hope’s Mother to Baby HIV Prevention program commenced in Battambang as a pilot in 2009 and was implemented on a permanent basis at the end of 2010. Our program is set up to work with very poor and disadvantaged HIV positive pregnant women to assist them to avoid passing HIV on to their babies. These women continue, or start taking antiretroviral (ARV) medication , for the period of their pregnancy and for at least the first two years of their baby’s life. This is a joint venture with Hope working with the Home Based Care Team and the HIV department of the Battambang Provincial Hospital. Hope is not a medical organisation, but a community care organisation.

Hope and the Battambang Provincial  hospital prefer that all mothers breast feed their babies and that formula is only used as a last resort. The program is only made possible through the joint arrangements and strict supervision of the Battambang Hospital and the Home Based Care team. Medical staff from Battambang Provincial Hospital, and the Home Based Care team, only refers mothers who they believe cannot satisfactorily or safely breast feed their baby due to illness, poverty or malnutrition.

Each month, the mothers in the program are provided with a supply of baby formula and they are required to attend regular training in bottle and water sterilisation. All babies are given a comprehensive health check each month and the mothers are also assessed at this time.

In March 2014, Hope signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with her Excellency Mrs Chomteav Sim Mary, the Deputy Provincial Governor of Battambang for our Mother to Baby Program making us a member of the Battambang HIV Committee. The signing of this MOU is significant as it not only formalises our work, but enables us to participate with other NGO’s, the Provincial Hospital and the Provincial Government in expanding and diversifying this important program.